May 03, 2006

Drunk in Seattle

Well, so much for my resolutions. Tonight I'm officially feeling sorry for myself, and engaging in whatever suits my fancy. I told myself I wasn't going to backslide tonight. I told myself I was going to be strong, and meditate, and go running, and make some progress on one of my projects tonight. Fuck that. I'm drinking and eating pizza and cheesecake. I am a sad wreck. Intellectually, I know beer and pizza are not going to heal this ache in my heart. But my current mood calls for a little duct tape and baling wire to temporarily hold things together.

But I need to keep our German Shepherd from digging under the fence and eating the neighbor's little yappy dog, since she'll be trapped in the backyard unsupervised while I'm at work for the next week or so. That would be ugly. So maybe I'll get started on one of my projects after all. I'll just be walking a little less steadily while I'm doing it.

Update: drank much beer. Stole many rocks from nearby construction zones. Used rocks to block dog from digging under fence, until it got too dark to see. Fed neighbor's cats. Passing out.

G'night everybody.


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