May 15, 2006

Fresh Guacamole Recipe

It's the season for avocados!!!

For Mother's day I made Mom & the family a Mexican dinner. I was going to buy guacamole from the store deli, but they were out, so I just made my own. I'm really glad I did, the avocados were big and ripe and perfect.

Thanks to Neil Birks, who demonstrated the wonders of fresh homemade guacamole and gave me his recipe six or seven years ago. I'm sure the recipe has changed a little since then, but the heart of it's there:

4 big ripe avocados
1 white onion
2 tomatoes (organic ones taste the best)
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
1 lime

peel & seed avocados, put in large bowl and use a potato masher to squish 'em all up into paste.

Finely chop about 1/3 cup cilantro
Cube the tomatoes
Dice the onion
Add cilantro, onion, and tomato to the bowl of avocado paste
squeeze all the juice out of the lime into the bowl and mix it all up

Add salt to taste, I usually start with a teaspoon and add a little more at a time until it tastes just right. If you like your guacamole spicy, you can add some diced chili peppers and/or finely chopped jalapenos too.

Invite friends over to share - it doesn't last so you have to eat it all the day you make it, and this recipe makes enough for at least six people.


At May 15, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

How are things going, Jules? Well, I hope. Drop me a line if you like.

All the best,

At July 10, 2006, Blogger Dan said...

i'd throw in a few cloves of garlic to guacamole myself but other than that looks like a tasty recipe! pity cilantro is fiendishly difficult to find in the UK

At July 11, 2006, Blogger Jules said...

That's a great idea, I'll give it a try next time. Thanks!


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